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Oregon Links


Services to Children and Families
You may call and request an information packet for the Oregon's Mutual Consent Registry at:
Cost: $25.00
or online go to the web site all the info is there:

Oregon's Voluntary Adoption Registry

Request for Oregon's non-identifying information:
cost : $45.00 (must send in form with money)
Mail to:
Children and Families Commission/Services to Children and Families
State of Oregon
530 Center st. NE, suite300
Salem, OR 97310

For any further information pertaining to the state run programs,
Janice Pitts (503) 945-6643

For a list of adoption agencies in Oregon go to:

Coalition of Oregon Adoption Agencies

Waverly Children's home adoptions
Call: (503)233-0187

If you don't know who handled the adoption
Call: (503)945-6643

Vital Records Information

State of Oregon Web Site

Open Records/Measure 58

Adoptee's over the age of 21 may put in an order for "PRE-ADOPTION OREGON BIRTH RECORD" must be worded this way, or you will recieve your amended certificate.
By telephone: (503)731-4108
On-line at:

Birth Record Order Form (on-line)

The following Items you must have to request this:
Adoptive fathers full name
Adoptive mothers full maiden name
Date and place of birth
Full legal name (after adoption)
$15.00 non-refundable fee
must include adoptees mailing address and daytime phone number.
Mail Request To:
Oregon Health Division
800 NE Oregon st
Portland, OR 97232
Phone # (503) 731-4000